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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Internship Reporst for Aiou Studens 2011

We have published lot of  Internship report-AIOU on our website. Now we have got lot of request from Aiou Student (Allama Iqbal open university of Pakistan) about aiou internship reports.

It is announcement only for AIOU Pakistani students that now they could place order

For Aiou Internship reports, projects through sending email at

Or text message at our cell number + 923364220477

We deal Allama Iqbal Open University internship reports, Projects, Thesis. HRM reports, AIOU banking and finance reports, marketing reports only for serious students.

We prepare all internship reports according AIOU demand and guideline. So there is no chance for Failure.

Report will prepare according to AIOU demand so report will be not be rejected in any case. So Students could request for internship reports by email or on phone through sending text message. You will have to provide some essential information about your report first. These are under below

1. Company Name

2. Student Full name with all information

3. Area of Specialization

4. Company head name, deptt head name

5. Internship program (Department which you got training)

6. You final submission date


Dear students your AIOU MBA FINANCE INTERNSHIP REPORTS will also be prepared on given format. You report will cover essential portion we highlight them one by one

will cover under below portion

1. We will first cover Objective of the study it will contain why am I going to write this report? Why I did internship reports, what is basic theme inside the report. What is primary purpose of my study? Or report. Etc

2. History of the company we will discuss with necessary explanation, like history, company business volume, Company product line (what are company various products or services) company main clients or customers, Company main competitors. Company all department information.

3. We will also give importance while writing report about our vital portion function of finance department we will cover under below major things that are under below

 Accounting system of the organization

 Finance system of the organization

 Use of electronic data in decision-making

 Mobilization of funds

 Generation of funds

 Sources of funds

 Allocation of funds

Aiou MBA Finance Internship reports major other Portions

1. Title Page

2. Acknowledgements

3. List of Contents

4. List of tables & illustrations, if any

5. Introduction

6. Objectives of studying the organization

7. Overview of the organization

7.1 Brief history

7.2 Nature of the organization

7.3 Business volume

7.4 Number of employees

7.5 Product lines

8. Organizational structure

8.1 Main offices

8.2 Comments on the organizational structure

9. Structure of the Finance Department

9.1 Number of employees working in the Finance Department

9.2 Finance & Accounting operations

10. Functions of the Finance Department

10.1 Accounting system of the organization

10.2 Finance system of the organization

10.3 Use of electronic data in decision-making

10.4 Mobilization of funds

10.5 Generation of funds

10.6 Sources of funds

10.7 Allocation of funds

11. Critical analysis of the theoretical concepts relating to practical experiences i.e. relate the theoretical concepts with your practical experience during your Internship with the Finance Department

11.1 Financial analysis (ratio analysis, horizontal & vertical analysis of the organization for the last five years)

11.2 Organization analysis with reference to the industries listed on the stock exchange

11.3 Behavior of the studied organization in allocation of various funds to different assets

11.4 Future prospects of the organization

12. Short-falls/weaknesses of the Finance Department

12.1 Critical analysis of the management patterns of the organization with reference to financial operations, weak areas that need to be improved.

13. Conclusions & recommendations for improvement

14. References & Sources used
15. Annexes


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